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Clive Barker Raises Hell

Over at The Void, I wrote a little piece about the new Hellraiser comics which I'm more than a little excited about:

This month sees the triumphant return of Clive Barker to comics, as the first issue of a new 8 part Hellraiser miniseries hits the shelves.

In the opening pages, the reader is directed towards a prison building, a wordless mumbling from within the only sound to be heard. A priest reading the last rites; a doomed man strapped to the electric chair. But his hands are loose, and within them lies a familiar puzzle box. Page 2 ends with a “click”.

Hellraiser #1 Cover

Continue reading at The Void.

I was already loving Comic Heroes, the new magazine produced by SFX that seems to come out quarterly and has a whole host of awesome comics features, but a sneak preview of Hellraiser? Hell yeah! There was also a sneak peak at The Homeland Directive by Robert Venditti and Mike Huddleston which looks interesting indeed.

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