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I’m a journalist, damnit.

Well not quite. Not yet. I'm one of those wannabe writers that the internet is teeming with, having made it slightly past the procrastination stage and currently merrily evading the recurring thought that perhaps everything I write is utter rubbish.

This site is basically a place for me to link to my work elsewhere, and for the articles that are perhaps a little too self-indulgent to put anywhere else.

As the blog title suggests, comics are my vice, and women in comics (or the lack thereof) is one of my favourite topics. So I'll also be writing on that, and pointing you towards people who have already written on those issues.

My real name is Laura, my twitter feed is over to the right and full of links to comics and film news, and random updates about the lack of crisps in my sandwiches and my pets conspiring to rob me blind. I am usually to be found slouching with my trusty and rather battered laptop, surrounded by empty coffee mugs, books thrown everywhere (comics neatly stacked), and drowning in scribbled notes that I'm sure used to be decipherable. When I'm away from home the flat magically cleans itself.

My real job is selling books.

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