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Wonder Woman: The Great Costume Swindle?

When the costume for televisions newest incarnation of Wonder Woman hit the internet, the fans were outraged. The outfit was cheap, shiny, incorrect and disrespectful. Two weeks later some on set pictures have leaked that show the Wonder Woman costume has been changed.

Sure, the new costume is an improvement, but had we been shown this costume first would we still be so forgiving? Or have producers pulled the oldest trick in the book - showing us something outrageously bad so that we'll happily accept something moderately better?

Wonder Woman

David E. Kelley's new Wonder Woman television pilot has been in the works for a while, but in the last two months proceedings have really stepped up a gear. Last month it was announced that Adrianne Palicki was the new Wonder Woman, and just this month we got our first look at Palicki dressed for the role. And now we have shots from the set. Can producers really have decided to showcase and then pull a costume so quickly?

It would certainly be nice to think so, and perhaps if the script wasn't so blatantly off key for Wonder Woman I'd be more inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt. However, had this costume been the first released, I'd imagine the fan reaction would have been about the same. I spoke already about why the costume matters so much. And my, think of all this lovely free publicity!

So what has improved? The trousers are far better now, a non-shiny material has been used and the colour has been toned down. The stars down the outer sides are a nice touch, reminiscent of Wonder Woman's older costumes.

The boots are now red, again similar to the older costumes, but more importantly the heels are gone. Wonder Woman now has boots she run and kick ass in - hurrah!

However, the tops of the boots still has those plasticy faux-gold adornments, and her belt, symbol and tiara share the same fate. And those bracers really don't look bullet proof.

Worst of all, that shiny squeezing top is still there in all its latex glory which is neither practical or flattering. Put some straps on it or make it more attractive at least! It's still all very much about ogling the woman rather than appreciating her power and strength (or dare I say, personality). Poor Wonder Woman. Especially as this particular Wonder Woman will be shown crying into her ice cream.

I'm loving Palicki's angry face though. If there's one thing that's never been in doubt, it's that she makes a very fierce looking Wonder Woman. It's just a shame that the costume, even slightly improved, lets her down.

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