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Women in Comics: DC versus Women – Everybody Wins!

Over at SciFiNow, I have a guest column that rounds up the various issues surrounding DC comics and women characters and creators: from the recent San Diego Comic Con events and resolutions, right back through the history of women in comics. All in a bite sized package!

You could be forgiven for thinking this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, the biggest comic event of the year, was entirely a DC event. Unthinkable just a few months ago, with a year packed full of magnificent Marvel movies, DC completely stole the show with a steady trickle release of news and images from their upcoming September line-wide reboot.

The New 52, as it is now known, sees every character in the DC Universe re-starting their stories at issue #1 in a continuity reshift that packs their entire history into the last five years. But it wasn’t Superman in jeans that everyone was talking about, nor was it even the highly controversial decision to take Barbara Gordon out of her wheelchair to get back in the Batgirl heels; instead the timely topic of Women in Comics was the most talked about issues both at the Con, and in the media coverage.

DC versus Women: Everybody Wins!

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