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Comic Studies: Cerebus and Seth

Those of you that follow my ramblings on Twitter will know that I am currently enrolled in a postgraduate degree in Comic Studies. I'm enjoying it immensely! The first module is on Autobiographix and Documentary Comics.

I've been writing about my progression through the course, and what comic studies itself actually entails for Comic Book Resources, and the last column has just gone live. This week was about Displaced Autobiography, focusing on Dave Sim's very controversial Cerebus, and Seth's It's a Good Life If You Don't Weaken.

Read me: Comic Studies: Cerebus and Seth


Cerebus by Dave Sim

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  1. I was wondering what exactly you are studying, when I read the “Comic Studies” in your info. I am very curious, it seems very interesting, I would love to read more about it. :)

    The only Autobiography comic I’ve read is Maus, but I enjoyed it greatly, so I will see the ones you mentioned as well. Thank you

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