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Women in Comics: Women Guests at LSCC

The London Super Comic Convention is the new kid in town this year, opening its doors on the 25th-26th February. I've been in touch with them for a while now, organising the interviews with their star guest Stan Lee, and also about their quest to attract women guests.

The main line-up consists of 49 men and one woman - Emanuela Lupacchino (Marvel's X-Factor) - but the organisers are keen to stress that there are women guests in the small press section of the convention, and that women guests are an important part of their future.

The organisers of the LSCC have given me the following statement, and the list of women creators at the convention later this month, and it all sounds very positive indeed!

"London Super Comic Convention would love nothing more than to encourage diversity in the comic convention field, to that end we contacted quite a number of mainstream women creators to invite them to attend. Due to either work commitments or other reasons they were unable to do so, but we did manage to secure Emanuella Lupacchino and we have several women attending as part of our small press creators. [hit the jump for more!]

London Super Comic Con starring Emanuela Lupacchino

"We have given over a substantial area to small press as well as offering them a much lower entry level price point, as we consider small press creators to be the building blocks from which diversity and to a certain extend, fandom develops from.

"It is extremely important to broaden the appeal of comics, and we aim to play a much bigger part in the coming years to help small creators get a place alongside their much larger counterparts in the mainstream comic market, at our convention.

"Women do need to have greater representation at comic shows, and although we only have one woman creator from a major studio on our featured guest list, we have taken steps to greatly improve this in future years.

"We aim to bring over creators based on merit and not gender or race, that being said, there were a number of female creators we would have loved to have attended our first show, Amanda Connor, Louise Simonson and Fiona Staples to name but a few. Hopefully their schedules will be more in sync with our own for 2013."

And here is the list of women guests, complete with my own expansion on each along with links to their respective websites and work:

Jess Bradley - a Bristol based illustrator and character designer.

Sephryn Grey - illustrator, writer and manga artist; editor of Non Repro.

Jenika Ioffreda - writer and artist of Vampire Free Style.

Yuri Kore - award winning manga artist and illustrator.

Zarina Liew - freelance fashion illustrator and award-winning manga artist.

Emanuela Lupacchino - illustrator and character designer; penciller on X-Factor; artist on Angel, Star Trek.

Van Nim - graphic designer and illustrator; founding member of comics collective Capes and Drapes.

JL Straw - comics artist; partner in Hayena Studios; Art Editor at Medikidz.

Tammy Taylor - illustrator.

Nichola Wilkinson - artist and letterer; artist in Bayou Arcana.

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  1. Well, as far as I’m concerned, one Emanuela Lupacchino is equal to 49 or 50 other comic book artists.

    Also, although not announced, DC Comics colorist Rosemary Cheetham will also be attending.

  2. Also to add to the list Kromatron Comics will be attending with Gemma Bedeau: Co-creator and writer of Afroella.

  3. I love Jess Bradley’s work, and she is lovely, really friendly. So pleased she will be there.

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