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Comic Preview: Bubbletown

Apologies for the short hiatus over the last few weeks, and thank you for your patience! As previously mentioned, I'm currently studying for my MLitt in Comic Studies and as the latest semester came to an end I granted myself a break from all my other writing in order to focus on essays and my own comic, created for the course.

Bubbletown will be included in Anthology Two, published by the University (probably around mid-June), to be available at conventions around the UK. Hit the jump for an exclusive preview!

Bubbletown - Cover

Bubbletown is my 10 page submission for the Creating Comics module, where we were shown how to bring a comic to the page through scripting, thumbnailing, pencilling, inking and colouring, along with all the other fiddly bits.

Expert advice was given in one on one sessions from Alan Grant (Batman, Judge Dredd, Anarky, Lobo), Jim Devlin (Supergirl, Testament, Wasted), and Gill Hatcher (Team Girl Comic), which really was invaluable!

Suffice to say, I am no artist(!), hence the cartoon style I chose which also fits with the story. As a writer I expected the script to be the easy bit and for it all to be uphill from there, but it didn't turn out like that at all. This is the first time I've attempted to create a comic, and I found myself visualising the panels and pages rather than a storyline that ran from A-Z. As Alan Grant reassured me however, there is no one right way to write a comic script, and the fact that I had a clear beginning and ending, with only some key points in between, was absolutely fine. As soon as I stopped worrying, the rest came to me very quickly.

Jim Devlin was incredibly important to the development of my comic. I was really struggling with digital inking and not enjoying the process at all, when he advised me to work with my traditional (and amateur) inks instead as they fitted my cartoon style quite nicely. The result not only worked much better, but was much more fun!

Finally, the colouring was by far the longest step to complete and has given me an even greater respect for colourists working in the industry. It will be a while before I'm willing to subject myself to that level of stress again!

Bubbletown Preview

"I know what you're thinking. Everyone feels different, right? Like a freak?"

A young girl is suspicious of the reality of the world around her. She's different from the bubbleheads, but no one ever mentions this obvious fact. And after all, too many computer games and sci-fi films can make you paranoid, right?

But questions can have consequences, and as the world starts to collapse around her, a discovery in the gutters of reality will change her life forever...

Inspired (of course!) by the meta comics of Grant Morrison, as well as the old television series' Sliders and Quantum Leap. Other inspirations are the writing of Mathieu,  the wonderful short film, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, and with lots of help from Peter David's Writing For Comics & Graphic Novels, Will Eisner's Comics and Sequential Art, and of course Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art.


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