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Comic Heroes: Women in Comics

In the latest edition of the Comic Heroes magazine, I'm delighted to reveal that there is a six page feature on the topic of Women in Comics - written by me :)

The UK magazine is always an excellent resource for comic features, including many by Paul Gravett, and I hope my contribution does the issue justice - and of course garners lots of good feedback so that this topic re-appears in the future! Taking a broad sweep at the overall issue, I include quotes from Alan Moore and Grant Morrison, and the graphics include fab artwork of great women heroes including Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Tank Girl and Starfire, as well as cover art from Conan the Barbarian, Fish + Chocolate and Queen & Country.

As a published piece I can't reproduce the work here, but you can buy the magazine at newsagents in the UK, or a physical or digital copy via their website:


Comic Heroes: Women in Comics

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  1. I’ve just come across this website and I’m very interested in reading this article, but because this post was made in April I would have to back order the copy of the magazine so would you mind telling me which issue it was published in?


    • Sure thing! It was #12, which I think was just the one before the current issue (it comes out every two months I think). It’s a little more expensive than the average genre magazine but has a lot of great articles and interviews – one of the few I buy regularly :)

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