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Women in Comics, Europe

A new public page has launched today on Facebook, spotlighting Women in Comics in Europe - featuring and promoting various women in and around the industry, and open to all supporters of women and comics.

Women and Comics, Europe has been set up by myself and Maura McHugh. Maura is a well known writer of prose, comic books, plays, and screenplays, and a big supporter of promoting the strength and numbers of women in comics.

Women in Comics, Europe

The page will feature different women in the industry weekly, and keep you up to date with all events throughout the UK and Europe, as well as new titles coming your way, and items in the news and media.

Additionally, there is a private group set up for those who identify as women and live or work in Europe who are working in or around the comics industry. While we feel that the discussions from all supporters of comics are vital, in some cases it does happen that women in comics is somewhat buried beneath all the other comics news and events, and some women are also a little weary of having to bear the constant disclaimers and caveats that are often required to dissuade the (sometimes well meaning) derailments.

If you are a comics writer, artist, creator, editor, colourer, inker, publisher, letterer, journalist, academic, promoter, organiser, reviewer AND a woman from or working in the UK, please join the group and like the page. If you are a supporter of all of the above, please like the page!

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  1. Awesome idea! Do you know if there’s anything like this for USian women in comics?

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