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New Statesman: Interview with Grant Morrison

My latest interview with Grant Morrison is up on the New Statesman today.

We chatted about Wonder Woman, finishing Action Comics and Batman Inc, stepping away from DC monthlies, his MBE, Happy, Multiversity, Before Watchmen, MorrisonCon and more. Enjoy!

Grant Morrison: Why I'm stepping away from superheroes...

Grant Morrison - Roisin_Dubh/flickr

More to come at a later date in SciFi Now, as well as an interview with the lovely Frank Quitely.

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  1. Great interview, as usual!

    There’s one thing that I’m wondering about, though.

    I absolutely don’t buy that he is surprised by the silly misquotations. He has such an open and cheerful way of expressing himself that there’s no avoiding it. In your interview alone, there’s a ton of stuff that could make a cheap headline : “Morrison hates the middle class!”; “Morrison is making Wonder Woman a sexual deviant!” Isn’t he doing it on purpose? “The utterly, utterly gay Batman” surely was on purpose!

    Though, maybe it’s like with his comics, he expects the best out of his audience. He expects them to be in on the joke. But then again Playboy isn’t exactly his usual audience, is it? ;D

    • Cheers! I don’t think he’s surprised, just a little tired of what he says being taken so seriously, or in some cases taken out of context and sensationalised. It’s the gap between a person as a writer, and this interpretation of them as an idol. If he wants to make a statement I’d imagine he normally does so through his work, the rest is kinda like, “well, why are you listening to me?!”

      That’s my take on it anyway ;) I think he’s just a really open and enthusiastic guy and he kinda hopes that those he talks to take it in that spirit.

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