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The Strange Case of Grant Morrison and Alan Moore, As Told By Grant Morrison

Over the last few weeks, my good friend Pádraig Ó Méalóid has been writing a series of articles on The Beat about Alan Moore and Superfolks, which became an edgeways look at the long running friction between Moore and fellow writer, Grant Morrison. While Moore has previously spoken out about his thoughts on Morrison in various interviews, Morrison has generally kept quiet on the issue. There have been occasional barbs of course, and plenty of praise, but very little on the actual facts of the matter.

The popularity of the articles suggested that there is a demand for such information however, and many of the comments certainly demonstrated a lack of adequate knowledge of the facts. Now who could possibly shine a light on this topic…? Ah, hang on, I know just the fella.

Over on The Beat then, I've re-mixed Part 3 of the original series, which focused on the relationship between Moore and Morrison, with Grant Morrison's own thoughts on the matter. So go and have a read, while I retreat to my bunker!

The Beat - The Strange Case of Grant Morrison and Alan Moore, As Told By Grant Morrison

Grant Morrison's Photo in Drivel Column

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  1. Brilliant article that Laura, well done.

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