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Comic Reviews: Happy, Batman Incorporated, Hawkeye, Lost Vegas

I seem to have accidentally become a fairly regular reviewer over at The Beat, which is great as it is a really fantastic comics website, but doesn't really fit in with my plan to trim down my workload in favour of academic demands! That said, I really love doing short little reviews and find that it often gives me the spark I need with my research. So, win win!

My recent reviews include a review of the complete Happy by Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson, that issue of Batman Incorporated (including spoilers), a look at Matt Fraction and David Aja's Hawkeye, and a spoiler free review of the brand new Lost Vegas from Jim McCann and Janet Lee.


All of which I highly recommend! The Hawkeye review is part of a new series of smaller reviews I'll be working on - Mini Marvels. Recently of course I cut down my number of DC reads, and I've been experimenting with more Marvel titles as a result. And I have to say, so far I'm pretty impressed!

Do check out my reviews over at The Beat - comments and suggestions are welcome as always :)

Review: Completely Happy!

Review: Batman Incorporated #8 – The Boy Wonder Returns

Mini Marvels: Hawkeye #8 – My Bad Penny

Advanced Review: Viva Lost Vegas #1 (spoiler-free!)

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