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The End of I, Vampire and the Cancellation of Creativity

A spoiler-free farewell to my beloved favourite, and a note of regret from an ex-fan of the New 52.

I almost didn’t pick issue one off the shelf. In a year saturated with vampires, the cover suggested that this would be one more silly dark romance yarn but with added naked and fanged women: not always what I look for in a comic. Still, in the spirit of being one of the rare new New 52 readers – previously I had only bought the trade collections – I had a quick peek within and immediately added it to my haul. Settling down at home with my spread of Batmen, ex-Vertigo characters, Morrison-penned heroes, and random picks, I came to I, Vampire last. And was immediately delighted. This was it, this was the comic I’d been waiting on. I foisted it upon my friends, “read this,” I instructed, and begged them to ignore the cover.

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I, Vampire #19

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  1. A good article, if saddening.

    I, Vampire was never my favourite book but, in retrospect, it really was a brilliant blend of intelligent writing (humour is where Fialkov shines for me) and stylishly gory visuals.

    If I had to complain, I’d say I liked the words and the art better than the overall story they told. And that very final reveal seemed kind of cheap…

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