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Advance Review: Liberator #1 from Black Mask Studios

A highly charged debut is hot off the presses at Black Mask Studios this Wednesday, with animal rights activists stepping up to the vigilante plate and following in the footsteps of Buddy Baker, grassroots style.

I’ve written about Liberator, from Matt Miner and Javier Sanchez, before in our exclusive sneak peak back in April where I pinged it as my debut of the year. Funded by Kickstarter and lavished with praise from the likes of Scott Snyder, Steve Niles, Chris Burnham and Jimmy Palmiotti, Liberator promised “a unique and beautifully illustrated comic book series starring brave heroes risking it all to protect animals” with Miner going so far as to donate his portion of post-Kickstarter profits to the animal rescue work that he devotes much of his time to.

Read the full review at The Beat!

Liberator #1

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