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Stripped: Joe Sacco – Conflict Comes in a Lot of Guises

Following Chris Ware in the Stripped programme at the Edinburgh International Book Festival came the very entertaining and engaging Joe Sacco, creator of numerous critically acclaimed journalist works, including PalestineSafe Area GoraždeJournalism, and his upcomingThe Great War.

Beginning with expanding upon his introduction to Journalism, which collected several of his shorter works and came out last year, Sacco spoke about how he rejected objective journalism outright. “I think there’s a lot of subjectivity in journalism that’s portrayed, put across as objective journalism,” he explained, pointing out that all reporters carry baggage and preconceived notions with them on their journeys, regardless of how hard they may have studied objective journalism.

Read the full article at The Beat!

Joe Sacco and Chris Ware by Neil Slorance

Joe Sacco and Chris Ware by Neil Slorance


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