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The Beat: Batfleck and Dumbing Down Snowpiercer

A couple of new film-related articles up on The Beat - I don't tend to link to everything that I write there, but you can find all my work at The Beat at this link here.

My site is due a re-design so I'll incorporate a link to that in the top very soon.

Some commentary on the new Batfleck (ie, the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman)...

... and the dumbing down of Snowpiercer for English-speaking audiences, which arguably deserves far more outrage.

"I’ve talked at length before here on The Beat about both Snowpiercer and Le Transperceneige, as it really looked set to the be surprise hit of the year. A dystopian future tale, set upon a perpetually circuiting train that houses the remnants of the human race, where class tensions arise and revolution is in the air...

"The idea that such a film needs to be dumbed down for English speaking fans is rather bizarre, with Weinstein reportedly asking for “ introductory and closing voice-overs to be added in“. As film critic and programmer Tony Rayns says, “TWC people have told Bong that their aim is to make sure the film ‘will be understood by audiences in Iowa … and Oklahoma.’” Rayns also says that the UK is protesting the cuts and hopes other countries follow suit."



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