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The Guardian: Interview with Grant Morrison

In the midst of the Stripped programme at the Edinburgh Book Festival, I was lucky enough to catch up with Grant Morrison once more about what he'd been up to in the last year. The results were published as a three page spread in The Guardian and went down very well indeed.

It was a crazy deadline, but well worth it. And as ever, the full and uncut version will be coming soon!

Glasgow, the late 1970s. A woman is busy cranking out copies of her teenage son's latest creative work on an old copier, blissfully unaware that they will one day be collector's items. The boy is called Grant Morrison and a faded copy of this old fanzine, called The White Tree, recently sold on eBay for more than £100.

"That's ridiculous!" laughs Morrison, writer of Batman, Superman and The X-Men amongst many others. The Scottish scribe is one of a cracking line up of guests from the world of comics and graphic novels at Stripped, a new programme at the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

"The first one was printed on, you know, those Banda copiers." He smiles. "It was steampunk technology. They did weird copies that came out in blue ink. It would fade over time. Every subsequent issue was done by my mum, up in the typing pool. She'd do like 150 issues of this thing. But honestly, all I really remember of that magazine is that I drew a barbarian girl on the cover of issue three. And she had a fur bikini on."

The women in the typing pool, he adds, confused her swimwear for something else. "All the girls were saying, 'What kind of muff is that?' I was mortified, a 16-year-old boy. 'Oh god,' I thought. 'What have I done?' I went back and painted in this huge kind of skirt thing – with a skull on the front. So there are two versions."

You can read the full Guardian article here!


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  1. “the full and uncut version will be coming soon”

    How soon is soon?!!?

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