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Bam! Pow! Tap? The Simpsons Tapped Out Celebrates Superheroes

The Simpsons Tapped Out is a popular freemium city-building game for iOS and Android, and one of the very few mobile games to consistently hold on to long-time players as well as new, thanks to fun event and nostalgia-stirring plots, and no annoying Facebook requests.

It keeps that old-school Simpsons humour alive and well, frequently mocking its own freemium mechanics, and allows the player to rebuild the entirety of Springfield with the vast majority of characters and buildings free, with some extras that can be bought with donuts - the freemium cash - which are often earned via normal quests.

It's fun basically, especially on a tablet or iPad, and the latest event is no exception with an invasion of superheroes and villains, and a distinctly 60s Batman feel. But with Pie Man and Plopper the Spider-Pig of course!

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The Simpsons Tapped Out

NB - I have no affiliation with EA Mobile, The Simpsons or any platform. I just play this game when I'm chilling out.

Opening up the game, existing players will see that the game has auto-updated for this event (meaning everyone is taking part) while new players will see the event immediately as they play through the first through tutorial quests.

The loading screen features Bartman, Clownface, Fallout Boy, Pie Man, Spider-Pig, Dr Colossus, and The Collector.

Simpson fans will know that Pie Man is Homer's "superhero" alter-ego, where he smashes pies into the faces of wrongdoers. Bartman has appeared in both the series and in his own comics. ClownFace was - I think - a character Krusty played on an old Batman series Bart came across. Fallout Boy is the original deal, sidekick to the in-universe comics hero Radioactive Man, and real-life inspiration for the band of the same name. Spider-Pig is Plopper, natch. Dr (Hector von) Colossus has appeared in the series but is probably more well known to the Simpsons comics fans. And The Collector is - of course! - Comic Book Guy. Worst. Villain. Ever.

Tapping through to the game, Smallville has been conquered by Comics Sans and a love of white borders.

tsto_01 tsto_02

 And getting the quest underway soon gets you your first superheroes.

tsto_03 tsto_04

With some typically Simpsons like commentary on the nature of superhero plotlines.


There's even a little animated sequence featuring Radioactive Man that is pretty darn sweet.

tsto_06 tsto_07

And some superhero dramatics of course!


So without being spoilerific (trust me the above is not!), Springfield is then flooded with no-good crooks that need rubbed, well tapped, out in order to collect Carbon Rods and Arbitrarium - the first to unlock prizes and the second to upgrade your Superior Squad HQ.


At this point you can choose to use donuts to purchase the Tar Pits which come with Petroleus Rex and the Crap Silo which comes with Spider-Pig/Plopper, as well as some in-game currency buildings and props.

Petroleus Rex Plopper

Fallout Boy will then tell you that you need to help out in the "alternate Springfields", ie the towns of your friends. You DO NOT have to bug your Facebook peeps, just add random strangers that play the game. Any Tapped Out fansite will have a recent friends making article, or even recent tutorials on youtube. You can also log your Facebook account in and you'll automatically see anyone from your FB feed that plays too.

Going to the other towns is perhaps the most fun part of this quest as you can splat the three crooks per town, and ring three phones for help - red phones that is, of the Bat-variety!


That's the basic set up, and now you can play through the event which lasts until the 31st of March. Past events have been pretty fun, and this one has a bunch of great characters. Give it a go!


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