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The Guardian: Why our comic-book heroes deserve to be celebrated, not trashed

Early last week there was an article in The Guardian that got a lot of folk mad, positing as it did that comics were "banal" and that the '80s was the pinnacle of the medium. In turn they published an article by myself later in the week, celebrating all that was good in the world of comics.

Negative articles about comics get a lot of attention which is understandable - it's easier to feel passionate about something that angers us, and comics exist in that weird underground-but-mainstream limbo where only certain comics are awarded literary merit by non-comic readers.

The editors picked brilliant images for the piece, and hopefully I was able to communicate that comics are not just restricted to English-speaking countries, and that comics are far from the static images they are often critiqued as.

Read the full article here: Why our comic-book heroes deserve to be celebrated, not trashed.

Cover of Go Girl! by Trina Robbins and Anne Timmons

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