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ComicsAlliance: Wonderful World of Whipsnarl – In Conversation With the Creators of ‘Beast Wagon’

Kicking off my new stint at large comic news site, ComicsAlliance, is this interview with established punk Owen Michael Johnson (Raygun Roads, Reel Love) and ridiculously promising newcomer John Pearson.

Beast Wagon is almost certainly the UK comic of the year with Pearson's work in particular being absolutely stunning. This interview includes some exclusive art as well. (ETA: the print edition of Beast Wagon #1 also contains this interview inside!)

ComicsAlliance: The Kickstarter launched on Tuesday and achieved full funding less than one day later, how are you guys feeling?

Owen Michael Johnson: I’ve been mainlining adrenaline for the last 48 hours. I really was not prepared for how thrilling and immediate the response was for this. Completely humbled and grateful to everyone who has supported this project thus far, be they proof-readers, our family and friends (of which there are many who came out for this) and backers. I’m positively feral!

John Pearson: It’s been overwhelming to say the least; the last few weeks of getting everything ready for the exhibition and Kickstarter has meant there’s been little time to actually take a step back and breathe it all in. Talking to people during the preview night of the exhibition was when it sunk in that we’d managed to pull something together that people were getting excited about, it’s a great feeling right now.

Read the full interview here!

Beast Wagon

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