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First Look: The Breathtaking Beauty of ‘Love: The Fox’

The animal theme for August continues with this new English market edition of Frédéric Brrémaud and Federico Bertolucci's stunning Love: The Fox, a highly anticipated followup to Love: The Tiger.

And it's GORGEOUS.

A follow up to the hugely successful French graphic novel, Love: The Tiger translated to English earlier this year, sees writer Frédéric Brrémaud and artist Federico Bertolucci expand upon their astonishing look at the beauty and terror of our natural world.

While Love: The Tiger followed the eponymous animal through the jungle on the hunt for prey, Love: The Fox has a much wider scope – the island that the fox inhabits is the true protagonist of this story, suffering a massive volcanic explosion that impact the lives of every creature that call this land home. From the sleekit fox foraging for food, to a passing polar bear and mother whale, Brrémaud and Bertolucci have trained their focus within to very specific acts of love – acts that readers will surely empathise with strongly.

Glorious single page spreads are breathtaking, calling to mind Disney classics of old with their delicacy, and Bertolucci perfectly captures the various interactions between competing and panicked animals, allowing the occasional exaggerated expression to better convey a sense of drama that propels the reader along this cataclysmic track. This delicate balance of accuracy and expressiveness upon lush backgrounds is what makes Bertolucci’s sequential work truly unique.

Completely wordless, Love: The Fox does not flinch from the cruelty of either beast or natural disaster, yet without the presence of human characters this remains a wonderfully uplifting and powerful read.

Two more volumes are set to follow from Magnetic Press, starring a lion and dinosaur respectively, and all volumes are all ages.

Read the full preview here: The Breathtaking Beauty of ‘Love: The Fox’

Love: The Fox