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About Me

I'm finally sitting down to write a biography of sorts for my own site, and looking around the internet for wondrous examples has confirmed my deep belief that I am unable to write about myself in the third person without convulsing into fits of laughter.

My name is Laura Sneddon. I write, mostly about comics but also about other so called geeky pursuits like gaming, science fiction, horror, and films. That's right, I'm one of those "girl geeks". The "grrrl", incidentally, is a tribute to the riot grrrls, a nod to my beloved Tank Girl, and a play on the Comic Book Guy from a certain well known series.

A lot of my writing comes from a feminist angle, quite a liberal angle, and always a balanced angle. Lots of angles.

Laura Sneddon

My speciality is comics history and women in comics. I love the medium and I'm currently working on researching the history of women and feminism in Western Comics, having completed my Comic Studies MLitt at the University of Dundee. I covered some of my MLitt experience for a column at Comic Book Resources.

This site,, is my portfolio. Here I post up any links to my work elsewhere, and indulge in some opinion pieces on various issues within the comics industry and field. As a freelance writer I am always for sale, and have written for such publications and sites as The Independent on Sunday, The GuardianSciFi Now, New Statesman, Comic Heroes, Publishers Weekly, and the BSFA's critical journal, Vector.

I'm a journalist, dammit.In my non-superhero day job, I previously worked part time as a bookseller for a large book chain in the UK. I wrote regular commissions for them for their internal staff website, including guides on how to best stock and sell graphic novels. I was an editor on there too, and helped set the graphic novel stock across Scotland, but uni and writing took up enough of my time that I left the day job behind.

I'm based in Scotland and happy to travel - I often attend comic conventions and film festivals throughout the UK.

My favourite films are Dredd, Blade, Drive, and Crank. I like explosions and Jason Statham. Favourite bands are Rob Zombie, Sparta, and Muse. I'm a bit of a metal head but I also like my Beyoncé, Placebo and Florence + the Machine. Favourite games are Saints Row, Dragon Age, GTA, Animal Crossing, and Hotel Dusk: Room 215. Also anything with Lego because those are smashy fun. I have pet guinea pigs who think comics are delicious and a pet pug who keeps me smiling.

Favourite comics are Transmetropolitan, The Invisibles, Blacksad, and Nemi. Favourite socks are long, with stripes, and preferably no holes.

My favourite person in the world is Spider Jerusalem. This probably explains a lot.

To contact me to offer me work, or to suggest any topics for my site, just use the form below or contact me via twitter and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I'm always happy to review comics, and for interviews I come armed with my awesome home-made brownies.

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