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Glasgow Comic Con: Dredd, Kirby, Bane, and Spider-Kilt

As well as the headlining Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, this years Glasgow Comic Con boasted a stellar line-up of guests, including John Wagner, Alan Grant, Jim Starlin, Rufus Dayglo, and Karrie Fransman, as well as Dave Alexander, Jim Devlin, and Dan McDaid.

The panel starring John Wagner and Alan Grant was a definite highlight, with Grant's solo panel perhaps receiving the most thunderous applause of the entire weekend. Talking Dredd and Bane, film adaptations and favourite characters, it was a brilliant reminder of just how great an impact Glasgow and Scotland have had on the comics industry as a whole.

Jim Starlin was the international guest of honour, tirelessly sketching and signing away for a massive queue of fans, and commenting on the appearance of Thanos in Avengers and Avengers 2. In a panel focusing on the Cosmic in comics, Rufus Dayglo entertainingly stole the show with some choice remarks about the treatment of Jack Kirby at the hands of Marvel and the "fucking boring" state of the Big Two's output.

The one complaint about the Con that was circling was the much reduced small press presence despite the expansion of the convention itself. Several key figures from the local comics scene who do not wish to be named were notable absent, citing high table costs and an unwelcoming atmosphere. As a dedicated supporter of the independent UK comics scene, I hope this is something that is cleared up next year.

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Spider-Kilt and Black Cat