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Exclusive Interview: Darick Robertson Goes Ballistic!

Okay, first things first. Have you bought Ballistic yet? Have you back-ordered #1 and pre-ordered #2? Because this comic is selling out everywhere FAST. I hit up artist Darick Robertson for a chat on what is rapidly becoming the runaway hit of 2013.

LS: Looking at the hugely detailed scale of the world of Ballistic, and the mix of organic shapes and technological wonders, I’m spotting a little bit of Moebius as an influence – maybe? What influences have you drawn upon for this project?

DR: I love Moebius’ work and his landscapes and free flowing architectural ideas were an inspiration when I started working on this. Heavy Metal from 1980, and the magazine itself, were very influential when I was a teen. I recall the sequence from the animated film where Taarna is flying over the city on her winged bird creature (Moebius designs) and at one point she flies through this massive skeleton of some long dead behemoth.

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Advance Review: Ballistic #1 by Adam Egypt Mortimer & Darick Robertson

Hmm, could this be the next Saga?

You may recall my sneak peak at Ballistic #1 last month – the new comic from Adam Egypt Mortimer and Darick Robertson hits the shelves tomorrow, and if you haven’t pre-ordered you might struggle to get a hold of it in the rush.

(This is a cult hit in the making - get on board now!)

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Exclusive Sneak Peek: Ballistic #1 by Adam Egypt Mortimer & Darick Robertson

A super duper exclusive look at two of my favourite pages from the upcoming brilliantly deranged miniseries that is one part Spider Jerusalem punk, one part Mieville madness, and a dash of Cronenberg with a psychedelic Mortimer cherry on top.

As someone who is pretty privileged to be able to write about comics for both fun and work, I get a lot of comics on my desk waiting to be read and hoping to be reviewed. Very occasionally I come across one that not only impresses me, but smacks me in the face with utter glee. Rarely does this come out of nowhere, but for me one comic in particular this year was a complete shock to the system. Ladies, gentlemen – I give you Ballistic!

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Ballistic #1