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Women in Comics: Interview with the Creators of Bayou Arcana

With the fuss over the perceived lack of women guests at the Kapow! Comic Con this May, one group of creators ended up getting a little more exposure than they were bargaining for! Bayou Arcana, an upcoming comics anthology title, had already made a surprise splash in the UK headlines when featured in The Guardian, a national newspaper. 

Described there as a "female-driven anthology", the book contains 11 stories, all written by men with the art by women. Several of the creators are heading down to Kapow! to feature on a panel, and I took the opportunity to ask the creators their thoughts on the book itself, on appearing at a large comics convention, and for the women, on their experiences within the comics industry as a whole.

Bayou Arcana is released in May and will be available through all good book shops.

Bayou Arcana: Promises by Sara DunkertonBayou Arcana: Promises, art by Sara Dunkerton


Women in Comics: Kapow! The Women Are Here

As a follow up to yesterdays article, it has now been made widely known that the Kapow! Comic Convention does indeed have some women guests. In Monday's press release on CBR, "the creators of Bayou Arcana" are stated as guests, but this news somewhat slipped under the radar.

Bayou Arcana is a well publicised upcoming anthology title in the UK which is made up of 11 stories, each created by a male writer and women artist. The Kapow! website was updated today with details of 5 women from the project who are attending - Dani Abram, Jenny Clements, Lynsey Hutchinson, Patricia Echavarri Riego, and Alex Thompson - along with organiser and writer Jimmy Pearson, and writers Steve Tanner and Darren Ellis. The Kapow! organisers tell me that the group will be hosting a panel to talk about their work and women in comics.

This is fantastic news as five women guests are certainly better than zero, and it's interesting that this is very much an independent book which may indicate that the con is starting to soften its rule of superhero books only.

I'll be talking to the ladies involved very soon... (hit the jump for more!)

Bayou Arcana