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The Independent on Sunday: Review of Gun Machine by Warren Ellis

First piece of the New Year to be published, a wee review of the fantastic Gun Machine for The Independent on Sunday.

Gun Machine is out now and I heartily recommend it, even to non-crime fans.

Full review here: IoS book review: Gun Machine, By Warren Ellis

Gun Machine

Stay tuned for some upcoming big pieces! (Far too many, pass the caffeine...)


Exclusive Interview with Warm Bodies Author Isaac Marion

Over at The Void, I published my exclusive interview with Isaac Marion, the author of Warm Bodies. Who is a very nice dude indeed!

We talk exclusively to author Isaac Marion about Warm Bodies: the book, the movie, and the attraction of flesh eating zombies.

Warm Bodies is a film with a lot of buzz: a Sundance Award winning director in Jonathan Levine who last handled coming of age drama The Wackness, and previously tackled horror with All The Boys Love Mandy Lane; a rather dashing Nicholas Hoult signed on to play the slightly decomposing and verbally challenged lead; and Teresa Palmer currently in talks to star as the girl who steals his decaying heart.

Details about the script have been thin on the ground but the fun loving début author was happy to share what he knows when we chatted with him about how the tricky concepts of his book would translate to screen. “I’ve had an amazing amount of input so far.”

Continue reading at The Void.

Isaac reckoned it was the best interview he'd had. Shucks.


Clive Barker Raises Hell

Over at The Void, I wrote a little piece about the new Hellraiser comics which I'm more than a little excited about:

This month sees the triumphant return of Clive Barker to comics, as the first issue of a new 8 part Hellraiser miniseries hits the shelves.

In the opening pages, the reader is directed towards a prison building, a wordless mumbling from within the only sound to be heard. A priest reading the last rites; a doomed man strapped to the electric chair. But his hands are loose, and within them lies a familiar puzzle box. Page 2 ends with a “click”.

Hellraiser #1 Cover

Continue reading at The Void.

I was already loving Comic Heroes, the new magazine produced by SFX that seems to come out quarterly and has a whole host of awesome comics features, but a sneak preview of Hellraiser? Hell yeah! There was also a sneak peak at The Homeland Directive by Robert Venditti and Mike Huddleston which looks interesting indeed.