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Women in Comics: Women in Trousers

DC has been announcing some big changes this week, and comic fans can't get enough of it. Love or loathe DC's new plans to somewhat reboot the DC Universe later this year, there's no denying that it's garnered them a whole lot of attention and hype.

Amongst the official announcements (everyone to start over at issue 1 again) and rumoured developments (Barbara Gordon back as Batgirl?!), there is one rumour in particular that is of great interest to geek women everywhere: all DC women are to wear trousers.

Is this a victory for feminism? Or a troubling sign of our increasingly conservative times?

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Women in Comics: An Overview

"Wait... YOU read these comics?!" The idea of a woman being a comic book geek can be quite the shock to the system apparently; that was a genuine outburst I triggered just the other week when I was giving advice on which comics were best for zombie fans.

Originally I found this regular surprise and puzzlement rather bemusing. Why would women not be interested in comics? The answer soon became clear.

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