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When is a Catwoman not a Catwoman?

The internet went bat-crazy this week over the release of new images from the set of The Dark Knight Rises featuring Anne Hathaway and her stunt double. Interest around the Batman of the Nolanverse is always extremely high, and it's understandable why this infamous character is attracting far more attention than the equally impressive but less well known Bane (Tom Hardy).

But let's be clear: this particular shot was not released as an image of Catwoman in costume, but as an image of Selina Kyle who happens to be wearing bike gear. Himself the master of misdirection, Christopher Nolan has declined to refer to the character as anything other than her plain clothes name, and given that in Batman Begins, it was Bruce Wayne rather than Batman that ran the show for the most part, and in Dark Knight, Two Face only showed up for the final chapter, it's fair to assume that the image that has created such mass hysteria this week, is not necessarily a costumed Cat.

Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle


Cinema Review: Green Lantern

Over at The Void I've published my review of the disappointing Green Lantern.

In a Marvel dominated 2011, DC had just one hope this year: Green Lantern. Perhaps not as well known as Batman, Superman, or the X-Men, but an old fan favourite and a character with a great history of superb stories to choose from; intelligent plots, multilayered characters, and traditional fights between good and evil.

In many cases it is unfair to compare the original comics with the film adaptation, but it is perhaps inevitable when a movie so spectacularly wastes its rich source material. At a cost of £200 million, Green Lantern manages to disappoint even the lowest expectations, particularly in comparison to the wonderful, and perhaps equally difficult to realise, Thor. There is only one possible explanation: this is in fact a children’s movie.

Green Lantern = Kid Friendly

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Cinema Review: X-Men: First Class

Over at The Void, I've published my spoiler-free review of the fantastic X-Men: First Class.

Eleven years and five films, with yet more in production, X-Men is the comic movie franchise that audiences love and forgive evermore. But can an installment without fan favourite Wolverine really please us rabid comic readers? Hell yes.

This is the X-Men film we’ve been waiting for, the origins of the mutants, and more importantly, the origin of Magneto. Fans have lapped up the new movie continuity, effectively giving director Matthew Vaughn free reign to play with the biggest team in comics. It’s not perfect, squandering its political time frame and playing it a little safe, but it is unmissable entertainment.

First Class

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