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Comic Review: The Best of 2012

We've not made it past the apocalypse yet, but I've been writing this piece all year. Whenever you may read this, I'm probably still writing it. The frantic "best of" list is inescapable.

The mainstream media would say that Clark's choice in romantic partners and Xavier pretending to die again were the big deals in the land of comics this year, but we of course know better. Dig past the always good Batman and the ever consuming Marvel events with their procreating covers and we find punk prophets of doom, forests of interplanetary craft, and phantasmagoric storytelling of the highest order.

A list then my loves, that most subjective and redundant of human addictions. Give one of these comics to your gran, another to your little brother, and a third to weird cousin Earl that lives in the dark soul of Glasgow. But for gods sake, don't keep them to yourself!

Comic Review: The Best of 2012