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Comic Review: Twisted Dark

There are some comic covers that immediately grab you and insist you read the comic within, and there are others that lay their souls bare. It's rare though that those two talents meet, but Twisted Dark is a delightfully perverse creature. Neil Gibson's self-published volumes have met with high critical acclaim since their release last year, and with the third volume soon to hit the shelves, it's a fine time to crack the spines.

As a fan of short stories and horror, and an aficionado of sting-in-the-tail stories such as the Pan Book of Horror Stories, I set the bar high when it comes to being enjoyably creeped out. The opening to Volume 2 mentions that initial feedback of the first book was that it was too twisted, which had me cautiously optimistic, and as it turns out, both volumes are a horrible delight.

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Twisted Dark


Comic Review: Into The Woods

With two Snow White films out this year alongside Brave, not to mention Jack with his beanstalk and Hansel and Gretel hitting screens in 2012, fairy tales are big business once again. Ahead of the curve then comes Into the Woods, a fairytale anthology, released back in February. Nine individual stories play on the fairytale theme in stunning black and white, and for the very tempting £5 price tag.

Anthology comics are a particular favourite of mine, from the flowing narrative of Nelson to the clashing styles of Team Girl Comic, and Into The Woods was a book I'd been hearing a lot of buzz about - not least due to the stellar line-up of small press writers and artists on board. My own affection for horror and twisted tales further piqued my interest, as fairytales are perhaps the ultimate source of grisly ends.

Happily, my high expectations were met, and Into The Woods serves as a great platform for some of the up and coming talent in the UK comics industry today. Hit the jump for my full spoiler-free review!

Into The Woods - cover art by Andy Bloor