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An Interview with Me: Women Write About Comics

It's not often I'm at the receiving end of an interview, and it feels quite strange, but these questions from Claire Napier at Women Write About Comics were great fun to answer. Hence the length!

Women Write About Comics is a great project that started up at the turn of the new year, first bringing us a mass blog carnival, and latterly some great interviews with, well, women who write about comics. Check it out!

My interview is here - click!

Women Write About Comics


Comic Preview: Bubbletown

Apologies for the short hiatus over the last few weeks, and thank you for your patience! As previously mentioned, I'm currently studying for my MLitt in Comic Studies and as the latest semester came to an end I granted myself a break from all my other writing in order to focus on essays and my own comic, created for the course.

Bubbletown will be included in Anthology Two, published by the University (probably around mid-June), to be available at conventions around the UK. Hit the jump for an exclusive preview!

Bubbletown - Cover


An Interview with Me: SpiderGirl Jerusalem

It's the height of vanity I know, but Kneel Down of The Cult Den asked so nicely I couldn't refuse! And he wins major brownie points for the reference to my hero, Spider.

It's very strange to be at the opposite end of the questions for once, but quite nice too - when the interview is over my job is done! We talk about my site, comics journalism, the Comic Studies MLitt, why Spider is my hero, my favourite comics, and my thoughts on the comics industry in general.

Read here: SpiderGirl Jerusalem - an interview with Laura Sneddon

Spider Jerusalem



About Me: Updated

Just a quick note to say that the About Me/Contact page has been updated to reflect what I'm up to and how best to get in contact with me.

My CBR column will be starting up soon which I've been working on weekly, and I'll also be posting up the Grant Morrison Book Festival coverage soon after the full interview transcript (both of which I had to sit on until after the Independent went live) as well as my take on the New 52.