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Preview: Judge Dredd, Suicide Watch

In Dredd’s long and illustrious career we’ve seen many a female Judge stepping up to the plate, from Anderson to McGruder, but the iconic British strip has never been written by a woman. Until now.

2000 AD, a sci-fi anthology that has run continuously since 1977, has enjoyed a reputation for creating fantastic women characters (Halo Jones!) in the various strips that focus on personality first, and gender last. Judge Anderson is perhaps the most well known example, and her portrayal in the 2012 film Dredd by Olivia Thirlby cemented that wonderfully by showing her as Dredd’s equal in every respect – including costume. In fact that very under-appreciated film is one of the strongest comic book movies of all time in terms of gender politics, carried out in a very “no big deal” manner.

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Kickstarter Alert: Elysia, A Gorgeous Project

An exciting new original graphic novel from Serena Obhrai and Jennie Gyllblad following the epic adventures of a not so ordinary girl.

Elysia is a 300 page urban fantasy and sci-fi graphic novel written by the prolific Serena Obhrai, that is currently causing a storm on Kickstarter. With 21 days still to pledge the project has already achieved 74% of the funding required and shows no sign of abating. In other words, get in quick!

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Interview: Will Brooker on My So-Called Secret Identity, A New Kind of Superhero Comic

Those familiar with my writing here and elsewhere will perhaps know that the topic of “women in comics” is pretty much my thing. Feminism and comics history informs much of what I write, while the specific history of women creators (and women characters) within the medium is my actual field of research. But I’m not the only one that mixes academia and a love of comics, as the creative team behind My So-Called Secret Identity shows.

Will Brooker, Batman scholar and academic author, is on writing duties, alongside professional artists Suze Shore and Sarah Zaidan, who also has a PhD in the comics field. I first heard from Will last year after he read an article I wrote about Barbara Gordon, and he talked about plans he had concerning a new kind of female superhero. Fast forward to 2013, and the first issue of MSCSI has launched to high praise indeed.

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My So-Called Secret Identity


Review: The Adventures of Superhero Girl

Sometimes a book comes out that I’m so ridiculously excited about I get paranoid that I’m going to be disappointed in some way. And then it arrives and turns out to be even better than I hoped for. It becomes the book I take everywhere with me to thrust in people’s faces and say, “READ”. That book is this book.

The Adventures of Superhero Girl is a strip you may have heard of already. It’s a webcomic by the fantastically proficient cartoonist Faith Erin Hicks, who has a whole host of graphic novels to her name (Friends with Boys, Brain Camp, Zombies Calling and the upcoming Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong). I say webcomic, but although it is all available to read online for free, it was actually created for a local newspaper. And it is fabulous.

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The Adventures of Superhero Girl


Comic Reviews: Happy, Batman Incorporated, Hawkeye, Lost Vegas

I seem to have accidentally become a fairly regular reviewer over at The Beat, which is great as it is a really fantastic comics website, but doesn't really fit in with my plan to trim down my workload in favour of academic demands! That said, I really love doing short little reviews and find that it often gives me the spark I need with my research. So, win win!

My recent reviews include a review of the complete Happy by Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson, that issue of Batman Incorporated (including spoilers), a look at Matt Fraction and David Aja's Hawkeye, and a spoiler free review of the brand new Lost Vegas from Jim McCann and Janet Lee.


All of which I highly recommend! The Hawkeye review is part of a new series of smaller reviews I'll be working on - Mini Marvels. Recently of course I cut down my number of DC reads, and I've been experimenting with more Marvel titles as a result. And I have to say, so far I'm pretty impressed!

Do check out my reviews over at The Beat - comments and suggestions are welcome as always :)

Review: Completely Happy!

Review: Batman Incorporated #8 – The Boy Wonder Returns

Mini Marvels: Hawkeye #8 – My Bad Penny

Advanced Review: Viva Lost Vegas #1 (spoiler-free!)


New Statesman: Interviews with David Lloyd, David Mack, David Hine, and Tim Seeley

My four interviews in one piece is up at the New Statesman, and I've had very lovely feedback all round - which is always a Good Thing! All four creators will be at the upcoming London Super Comic Con, and all are especially lovely.

Here they are talking about working in creator owned comics and all that that entails. Enjoy!

Beyond Superheroes: How Creators Can Own Comics

V for Vendetta, Kabuki, Bulletproof Coffin, Revival