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Before Watchmen, After Moore

DC's announcement that a slew of prequel Watchmen comics were in the pipeline caused quite the fuss in February. The latest issue of The Drink Tank, a Hugo award winning fanzine, has just gone live with a Before Watchmen special - you can read my contribution on page 17.

The "Watchmen moment", as my lecturer in Comic Studies describes it, is when we read a comic so great and revolutionary that we have to rush out and tell everyone we know to read it and share in the experience. In comics history, these moments are few and far between. What is perhaps more common is the "Before Watchmen moment", when we discover that our beloved medium has been pressed once more into chasing profitability through the ashes of past glory and ethical wrongs.

Download issue #309 here!

Drink Tank #309: Cover by Maureen StarkeyCover by Maureen Starkey