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Advance Review: Jupiter’s Legacy #1 – A Brave New World

An intriguing beginning, containing a single panel that is worth the cover price alone.

Mark Millar is, of course, the master of hype. From the headline-grabbing The Authority to the more recent Superior, Supercrooks, and Secret Service, Millar has taken the screen success of Wanted and Kick-Ass and turned himself into a one-man media machine. With any hype there is the very real danger of a project failing to live up to its massively projected expectations, and Jupiter’s Legacy is no exception with fans ready to turn a harsh eye on what is offered. The writer has drawn parallels with some of the biggest stories in pop culture – Lord of the Rings and “this is my Star Wars” – a very ambitious benchmark to say the least.

Read the full review at The Beat!

Jupiter's Legacy


SciFi Now: Interview with Frank Quitely and Review of Dredd

The latest issue of SciFi Now (#76) not only has my extensively geeky review of the fabulous Dredd DVD and Blu-ray, but also my fab interview with the one and only Frank Quitely. So make sure you pick it up this month, or buy it digitally.

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of the Dredd film, but this was a great opportunity to really dig into the various easter eggs, nods to comics from throughout the decades, and even spot that little hint of Judge Death. As for Frank Quitely, it's always a pleasure to talk to the Nicest Man in comics about his upcoming projects and inspirations, and fun to see everyone drooling over his photo!

Many thanks to Jonathan Mayo for providing the exclusive photo of Mr Quitely. And while you're visiting, you could always check out my list of the Top 15 Comics That Are Ripe for Adaptation.

Frank Quitely by Jonathan Mayo


Dundee Comics Day: Grant Morrison and Friends, the Write Up

Updates have been a little few and far between of late, my apologies. I've been working on a few bits and pieces that will be published in the next couple of months, but for now you can at least see what I was up to the other weekend, at Dundee Comics Day.

The convention had a star studded line-up of guests - Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely, Dave Gibbons, Cameron Stewart, Frazer Irving, Rian Hughes and Peter Doherty - all talking about their collaborations, their broader field of work, and with the artists describing their unique processes. It was a fab weekend, and I was happy to be helping out - even if it did mean I was mostly running about the place and needed to hibernate afterwards.

Read the full coverage at The Beat, and check out Jonathan Mayo's wonderful photography too! 

Dundee Comics Day


Dundee Comics Day

Coming up next weekend is an unmissable event for any Scottish comics fans: the annual Dundee Comics Day is this year focusing on the works of Grant Morrison and his many collaborators, on Sunday the 28th of October.

The one day convention will headline with Morrison himself, as well as featuring guests Frank Quitely, Cameron Stewart, Frazer Irving, Rian Hughes, and Peter Doherty. Sadly Jill Thompson was not able to make it.

In addition, there is a workshop with Dave Gibbons on Saturday the 27th, and a screening of the Grant Morrison documentary, Talking with Gods, on Friday the 26th.

Tickets for the weekend are available to buy directly here, and hit the jump for the full schedule!

Dundee Comics Day


Glasgow Comic Con: Dredd, Kirby, Bane, and Spider-Kilt

As well as the headlining Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, this years Glasgow Comic Con boasted a stellar line-up of guests, including John Wagner, Alan Grant, Jim Starlin, Rufus Dayglo, and Karrie Fransman, as well as Dave Alexander, Jim Devlin, and Dan McDaid.

The panel starring John Wagner and Alan Grant was a definite highlight, with Grant's solo panel perhaps receiving the most thunderous applause of the entire weekend. Talking Dredd and Bane, film adaptations and favourite characters, it was a brilliant reminder of just how great an impact Glasgow and Scotland have had on the comics industry as a whole.

Jim Starlin was the international guest of honour, tirelessly sketching and signing away for a massive queue of fans, and commenting on the appearance of Thanos in Avengers and Avengers 2. In a panel focusing on the Cosmic in comics, Rufus Dayglo entertainingly stole the show with some choice remarks about the treatment of Jack Kirby at the hands of Marvel and the "fucking boring" state of the Big Two's output.

The one complaint about the Con that was circling was the much reduced small press presence despite the expansion of the convention itself. Several key figures from the local comics scene who do not wish to be named were notable absent, citing high table costs and an unwelcoming atmosphere. As a dedicated supporter of the independent UK comics scene, I hope this is something that is cleared up next year.

Hit the jump for full panel coverage and quotes from Saturday!

Spider-Kilt and Black Cat


Glasgow Comic Con: Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely in Conversation

Glasgow Comic Con returned for its second year after it was brought back to life after an absence of 15 years. Held in the Mackintosh Church once again, it was a fitting venue given Glasgow's ties with the world of art and comics. Hidden away from the centre of Glasgow though, it was a tight squeeze and the acoustics made it difficult at times to hear what was going on. Hopefully after expanding to two days and across two venues this time we'll see a move to the centre of the city next year.

The guest line-up was stellar, featuring Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely, Jim Starlin, John Wagner, Alan Grant, Rufus Dayglo, Karrie Fransman and more, many of whom spent the weekend mingling amongst the crowd and tirelessly answering questions, looking through portfolios, and sketching away. I'll be providing a full write up of the majority of guests in the next few days but first we'll focus on the headline panel of the Saturday - the dynamic duo of Glasgow boys, Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely.

Having the guys on together was a brilliant move, as Frank's calm resulted in a more relaxed Grant who is often slightly nervous in front of crowds. The two laughed and joked together, and it's easy to see just why they collaborate so well together. The boys talked Flex Mentallo and Pax Americana, with Grant revealing some of the names of the other Multiversity books -  SOS, The Just, Thunder World, Master Men - along with Grant's future book plans, his love for Damian, and both of them attempting to explain their philosophies of life.

The Glasgow Boys