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SciFi Now: Interview with Grant Morrison

The current issue of SciFi Now (#75) features a four page spread for my latest interview with Grant Morrison, talking all about Batman and Action Comics, and explaining how the writer is not moving away from superheroes, or from DC, but simply spreading his wings a little.

Looking at his end issues with Bruce and Clark, Grant also talks about Happy and his upcoming projects. It's a bit more of a conversational interview this, so non-Morrison fans can keep their hate to themselves! For fans, definitely check out this issue and enjoy - we even talk about Stephanie Brown, the Bat-Cow, and Opal Fruits :)

SciFi Now - Interview with Grant Morrison


The Strange Case of Grant Morrison and Alan Moore, As Told By Grant Morrison

Over the last few weeks, my good friend Pádraig Ó Méalóid has been writing a series of articles on The Beat about Alan Moore and Superfolks, which became an edgeways look at the long running friction between Moore and fellow writer, Grant Morrison. While Moore has previously spoken out about his thoughts on Morrison in various interviews, Morrison has generally kept quiet on the issue. There have been occasional barbs of course, and plenty of praise, but very little on the actual facts of the matter.

The popularity of the articles suggested that there is a demand for such information however, and many of the comments certainly demonstrated a lack of adequate knowledge of the facts. Now who could possibly shine a light on this topic…? Ah, hang on, I know just the fella.

Over on The Beat then, I've re-mixed Part 3 of the original series, which focused on the relationship between Moore and Morrison, with Grant Morrison's own thoughts on the matter. So go and have a read, while I retreat to my bunker!

The Beat - The Strange Case of Grant Morrison and Alan Moore, As Told By Grant Morrison

Grant Morrison's Photo in Drivel Column


Dundee Comics Day: Grant Morrison and Friends, the Write Up

Updates have been a little few and far between of late, my apologies. I've been working on a few bits and pieces that will be published in the next couple of months, but for now you can at least see what I was up to the other weekend, at Dundee Comics Day.

The convention had a star studded line-up of guests - Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely, Dave Gibbons, Cameron Stewart, Frazer Irving, Rian Hughes and Peter Doherty - all talking about their collaborations, their broader field of work, and with the artists describing their unique processes. It was a fab weekend, and I was happy to be helping out - even if it did mean I was mostly running about the place and needed to hibernate afterwards.

Read the full coverage at The Beat, and check out Jonathan Mayo's wonderful photography too! 

Dundee Comics Day


Dundee Comics Day

Coming up next weekend is an unmissable event for any Scottish comics fans: the annual Dundee Comics Day is this year focusing on the works of Grant Morrison and his many collaborators, on Sunday the 28th of October.

The one day convention will headline with Morrison himself, as well as featuring guests Frank Quitely, Cameron Stewart, Frazer Irving, Rian Hughes, and Peter Doherty. Sadly Jill Thompson was not able to make it.

In addition, there is a workshop with Dave Gibbons on Saturday the 27th, and a screening of the Grant Morrison documentary, Talking with Gods, on Friday the 26th.

Tickets for the weekend are available to buy directly here, and hit the jump for the full schedule!

Dundee Comics Day


New Statesman: Interview with Grant Morrison

My latest interview with Grant Morrison is up on the New Statesman today.

We chatted about Wonder Woman, finishing Action Comics and Batman Inc, stepping away from DC monthlies, his MBE, Happy, Multiversity, Before Watchmen, MorrisonCon and more. Enjoy!

Grant Morrison: Why I'm stepping away from superheroes...

Grant Morrison - Roisin_Dubh/flickr

More to come at a later date in SciFi Now, as well as an interview with the lovely Frank Quitely.


Dundee Comics Day: Grant Morrison & Friends

With MorrisonCon coming up at the end of September, there are more than a few UKers wishing they could make the trip to Vegas. And even if you are going to the entertainment capital of the world, chances are you'll be up for this too!

The facebook page for Dundee Comics Day, an annual event in the home of comics, has published the promo image for this years event in October. And guess who the star guest is?
Dundee Comics Day

The one day event is a favourite amongst many comic creators and artists, and has in the past featured such people as Warren Ellis, Bryan Talbot, John Wagner, Alan Grant, Rian Hughes, and Frank Quitely, but this year looks to be something special.

Announcements on other guests and tickets to follow.