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ComicsAlliance: And Then Emily’ Returned… for Free Comic Book Day: In Conversation with Lees and Laurie

A wee interview with Glasgow boys John Lees and Iain Laurie, the depraved minds behind runaway indie hit And Then Emily Was Gone.

This horror comic, set in Orkney, is a spine-chilling nightmare parsed through the twisted and surreal lens of Laurie - no wonder the critics love it!

ComicsAlliance: For those unfortunate souls who have yet to read the comic, can you tell them a little about what And Then Emily Was Gone is about?

John Lees: And Then Emily Was Gone is a horror series that begins with a former police detective called Greg Hellinger. Back in the day, he was famed for cracking some seemingly unsolvable missing persons cases, but five years ago he had what most believe to have been a mental breakdown, and ever since, he’s been tormented by horrific apparitions of monsters that follow him around wherever he goes. He’s pulled from his life of despair and squalor by a teenage girl called Fiona, who has tracked down Hellinger in hopes of him using his particular skill-set to track down her missing best friend, Emily.

The official story is that Emily ran away from home, but Fiona is convinced that a local child-snatching boogeyman by the name of Bonnie Shaw has taken her. Hellinger agrees to help Fiona, and their search takes them to the Orkney islands, and the remote community of Merksay, where strange and terrible things start to happen!

Read the full interview here.

And Then Emily Was Gone