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The Independent on Sunday: Kate Beaton on refusing to let women be forgotten

Earlier this month The Independent on Sunday published my interview with the lovely Kate Beaton who I met at this years Lakes International Comic Art Festival.

I am a huge fan of Kate's Hark! A Vagrant webcomic, as well as her newest collection Step Aside, Pops. We had a great chat about all things suffrage, women, comics and conventions - plus it was my first interview conducted in a cupboard.

With a fierce velocipedestrienne glaring from the cover of her new collection, Step Aside, Pops, that feminist thread has become more overt, and the book is packed with comics about the fabulous and forgotten women of history.

“I think that honestly it’s a response to the larger conversation that we’re all having about women’s roles in pop culture and media, and in the workforce and in life,” muses Beaton. “There’s a lot more discussion these days. I use the example, a movie like Mad Max comes out and we all read the think pieces on how Charlize Theron’s character is treated and what that means to people and what people want and I think that women’s voices are being heard more. A few years ago I don’t think that Mad Max would have been made, not in the same way.”

Read the full interview at The Independent on Sunday.

Step Aside, Pops