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Review: Liberator #3, A Piggy’s Tale, Astrodog

A few recent reviews of mine, coincidentally all animal themed! Featuring the third in the animal rights action comic Liberator by Matt Miner and Javier Aranda, the all ages kickstarted A Piggy's Tale by Tod Emko and Ethan Young, and the wonderful Astrodog by Paul Harrison-Davies.

A striking cover from the tremendous Ben Templesmith has garnered Liberator #3 all kinds of attention. If you’ve not been reading this fantastic debut, read on…

...I enjoy stories with unreliable narrators as you’re never quite sure what is about to unravel next, and it gives earlier sequences a whole new dimension. It works well with this tightly plotted book, with connecting scenes rather than your typically linear storytelling, and the dual narrative introduced in #3 is very intriguing.

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Liberator #3

Liberator #3

A loveable pup, a street smart cat, and a magical pig – here is a comic that really grabbed my attention!

...But what really seals the deal, from both Emko and Young, is the real heart that has been put into each character. With very little exposition or long screeds of narration or dialogue, these are characters that the reader immediately knows and loves.

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A Piggy's Tale

A Piggy's Tale

Of the many comics I picked up at the recent Lakes International Comic Art Festival, there was one comic in particular that caught my eye as I turned around one of those giant rooms. A small little book, nestled amongst publishers large and booming, that shone out with a cover that immediately made me smile: Astrodog.

Seeing that I had tuned out the rest of the world in those thirty seconds, my boyfriend knowingly weighed himself down with my bags while I went for a closer look. I had not seen Astrodog before, I had missed itsprevious outing in webcomic form at the hands of creator Paul Harrison-Davies, and the glorious colours jostling upon the pages called to mind an old favourite of mine with a similar, yet completely different premise: Hendrik Dorgathen’s Space Dog.

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Advance Review: Liberator #1 from Black Mask Studios

A highly charged debut is hot off the presses at Black Mask Studios this Wednesday, with animal rights activists stepping up to the vigilante plate and following in the footsteps of Buddy Baker, grassroots style.

I’ve written about Liberator, from Matt Miner and Javier Sanchez, before in our exclusive sneak peak back in April where I pinged it as my debut of the year. Funded by Kickstarter and lavished with praise from the likes of Scott Snyder, Steve Niles, Chris Burnham and Jimmy Palmiotti, Liberator promised “a unique and beautifully illustrated comic book series starring brave heroes risking it all to protect animals” with Miner going so far as to donate his portion of post-Kickstarter profits to the animal rescue work that he devotes much of his time to.

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Liberator #1