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Advance Review: Jupiter’s Legacy #1 – A Brave New World

An intriguing beginning, containing a single panel that is worth the cover price alone.

Mark Millar is, of course, the master of hype. From the headline-grabbing The Authority to the more recent Superior, Supercrooks, and Secret Service, Millar has taken the screen success of Wanted and Kick-Ass and turned himself into a one-man media machine. With any hype there is the very real danger of a project failing to live up to its massively projected expectations, and Jupiter’s Legacy is no exception with fans ready to turn a harsh eye on what is offered. The writer has drawn parallels with some of the biggest stories in pop culture – Lord of the Rings and “this is my Star Wars” – a very ambitious benchmark to say the least.

Read the full review at The Beat!

Jupiter's Legacy


Women in Comics: Kapow! The Women Are Here

As a follow up to yesterdays article, it has now been made widely known that the Kapow! Comic Convention does indeed have some women guests. In Monday's press release on CBR, "the creators of Bayou Arcana" are stated as guests, but this news somewhat slipped under the radar.

Bayou Arcana is a well publicised upcoming anthology title in the UK which is made up of 11 stories, each created by a male writer and women artist. The Kapow! website was updated today with details of 5 women from the project who are attending - Dani Abram, Jenny Clements, Lynsey Hutchinson, Patricia Echavarri Riego, and Alex Thompson - along with organiser and writer Jimmy Pearson, and writers Steve Tanner and Darren Ellis. The Kapow! organisers tell me that the group will be hosting a panel to talk about their work and women in comics.

This is fantastic news as five women guests are certainly better than zero, and it's interesting that this is very much an independent book which may indicate that the con is starting to soften its rule of superhero books only.

I'll be talking to the ladies involved very soon... (hit the jump for more!)

Bayou Arcana


Women in Comics: Kapow! No Women at Cons

In 2011 and in its debut year, Mark Millar's Kapow! Comic Con was referred to as the Sausage-Fest Con due to the entire guest line-up being male. After fans started complaining noisily online, two women guests were subsequently added to the event.

This year it seems history is doomed to repeat itself, with 40 comic industry guests now announced, and no women to be seen. Unlike the larger London MCM Expo the following week, Kapow! is focused very much on superhero comics, and the argument is that while there are women working in comics in the UK, they are working in indie and non-mainstream comics (ie not DC, Marvel or 2000 AD).

[ETA 15/2/12 - women guests (plural!) are attending both Kapow! and the London Super Comic Con - more details here!]

I chatted with Mark Millar (and Gail Simone) on twitter to see what he thought, and I would love to hear from the male guests who are attending and the female non-guests too!

Becky Cloonan and Karrie Fransman


Exclusive: Mark Millar on DC Reboot

Mark Millar was as outspoken as ever at the first comics convention in his home city in fifteen years: the sold out Glasgow Comic Con. After a busy day of signings, portfolio showcases and browsing the indies, Millar fielded questions about the DC reboot ("massive desperation"), the reductive nature of comics, and the thorny issue of women in comics. Plus his tongue in cheek comparison of the new JLA cover to a bad botox job.

Mark Millar was speaking on a writers panel alongside Jim Alexander, Emma Beeby, and Gordon Rennie. Glasgow Comic Con also boasted a top artists line-up that included Gary Erskine, David Lloyd, Jon Haward and many more. Frank Quitely was sadly unable to attend due to an ash cloud over his Brazillian location.

(Mark Millar: Has anyone actually heard of this ash cloud? It's probably a hash cloud!)

Most of the questions were directed at Millar - hit the jump for his thoughts.

Glasgow Comic Con


Kapow! Millar Time

Over at The Void, I have a piece on Mark Millar and his upcoming Scottish movie Miracle Park, and his new Kapow! Comic Con:

There’s a fight going down in comic land, as London hosts the battle of the Comic Cons. But with the older, more established London MCM Expo drawing an audience of over 45,000, and Kapow! Comic Con, the new kid on the block, fitting only 3000, why are the big boys so worried?

The answer lies with who is running the young competitor: Mark Millar, creator of Kick-Ass, master of hype. By attacking the larger convention and loudly announcing that Kapow! will offer everything London MCM Expo never has (erm, not really true), he has garnered huge interest in his event and encouraged the opposition to up their game, snagging the upcoming Green Lantern movie as their official sponsor. For the comic fan, it’s a win-win situation.

Mark Millar at Glasgow Film Festival

Continue reading at The Void.

Millar appeared at the Glasgow Film Festival and I attended the creative workshop that he ran, as well as seeing Dave Gibbons give a talk on his work. Sadly I missed seeing Frank Quitely due to a nasty bug, but my lovely cousin got my copy of We3 signed for me all the same!