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SciFiNow: Interviews with Bryan Talbot, Jean-Marc Rochette, and Benjamin Legrand

Some bumper comics content in this month's issue (#89) of SciFiNow magazine, featuring my interviews with comic legend Bryan Talbot on all things Grandville and a history of the graphic novel in the UK, and with Jean-Marc Rochette and Benjamin Legrand on the hit film Snowpiercer based on their co-creation. 

Legrand is the writer of the second and third Le Transperceneige (Snowpiercer) books, while Rochette is the artist of all three, and both men have had unique access to the film which stars Chris Evans and Tilda Swinton and is directed by Bong Joon-Ho (The Host, Mother). We discuss everything from the editing woes of the Weinstein distribution to Rochette's art techniques, and there's a short guide to some other European comics that are a) ripe for adaptation and b) absolute must reads!

Talbot is of course the creator of an astounding number of classic comics, from Luther Arkwright to Grandville and every Alice in Sunderland and Tale of One Bad Rat in between. Chatting with Bryan was a real highlight of my interview work thus far, and I hope my feature does justice to a man who is far too modest.

You can read the full features in the current issue of SciFiNow which can also be bought digitally here.

Grandville Noel


SciFiNow: Interview with Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie

The new issue of SciFiNow magazine (#87) features a rather fabulous four page spread for my interview with the Young Avengers creators, Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie.

We talk diverse characters, editorial freedom, the upcoming end of year party, and the dynamic duo's close collaboration. Plus lots of that lovely McKelvie art, and a character breakdown of the team.



SciFiNow: Review of The Ballad of Halo Jones by Alan Moore and Ian Gibson

For the new reader of the cult 2000 AD strip, Arthur C Clarke Award-winning author Lauren Beukes sums up the essence of Halo Jones in the foreword; a woman who is not a superhero or a princess, a girl born into the working class with no great aspirations.

It’s the story of an ordinary young woman who decides to put herself out into the bigger universe and struggles with the consequences. It’s one of the bravest stories 2000 AD ever told, collected in this new deluxe hardcover.

Read the full review in the latest edition of SciFiNow or on the website!




SciFi Now: Interview with Frank Quitely and Review of Dredd

The latest issue of SciFi Now (#76) not only has my extensively geeky review of the fabulous Dredd DVD and Blu-ray, but also my fab interview with the one and only Frank Quitely. So make sure you pick it up this month, or buy it digitally.

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of the Dredd film, but this was a great opportunity to really dig into the various easter eggs, nods to comics from throughout the decades, and even spot that little hint of Judge Death. As for Frank Quitely, it's always a pleasure to talk to the Nicest Man in comics about his upcoming projects and inspirations, and fun to see everyone drooling over his photo!

Many thanks to Jonathan Mayo for providing the exclusive photo of Mr Quitely. And while you're visiting, you could always check out my list of the Top 15 Comics That Are Ripe for Adaptation.

Frank Quitely by Jonathan Mayo


SciFi Now: Interview with Grant Morrison

The current issue of SciFi Now (#75) features a four page spread for my latest interview with Grant Morrison, talking all about Batman and Action Comics, and explaining how the writer is not moving away from superheroes, or from DC, but simply spreading his wings a little.

Looking at his end issues with Bruce and Clark, Grant also talks about Happy and his upcoming projects. It's a bit more of a conversational interview this, so non-Morrison fans can keep their hate to themselves! For fans, definitely check out this issue and enjoy - we even talk about Stephanie Brown, the Bat-Cow, and Opal Fruits :)

SciFi Now - Interview with Grant Morrison


SciFi Now: Interview with Stan Lee

In addition to the interview I completed for The Independent on Sunday, I also interviewed Stan for the UK magazine, SciFi Now. While the other interview was aimed at a mainstream audience, the genre coverage of SciFi Now allowed for some geekier questions.

The focus of the interview was the Silver Age, when Stan and Marvel ruled the comics world. The interview is available in full in the current issue of the magazine and is 6 pages long, talking about everything from The Fantastic Four to Spider-Man, Kirby to Ditko, and a lovely little bit about Bill Everett and Daredevil.

You can download an excerpt at the website here!

Stan Lee Interview at SciFi Now