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Cinema Review: Green Lantern

Over at The Void I've published my review of the disappointing Green Lantern.

In a Marvel dominated 2011, DC had just one hope this year: Green Lantern. Perhaps not as well known as Batman, Superman, or the X-Men, but an old fan favourite and a character with a great history of superb stories to choose from; intelligent plots, multilayered characters, and traditional fights between good and evil.

In many cases it is unfair to compare the original comics with the film adaptation, but it is perhaps inevitable when a movie so spectacularly wastes its rich source material. At a cost of £200 million, Green Lantern manages to disappoint even the lowest expectations, particularly in comparison to the wonderful, and perhaps equally difficult to realise, Thor. There is only one possible explanation: this is in fact a children’s movie.

Green Lantern = Kid Friendly

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Cinema Review: X-Men: First Class

Over at The Void, I've published my spoiler-free review of the fantastic X-Men: First Class.

Eleven years and five films, with yet more in production, X-Men is the comic movie franchise that audiences love and forgive evermore. But can an installment without fan favourite Wolverine really please us rabid comic readers? Hell yes.

This is the X-Men film we’ve been waiting for, the origins of the mutants, and more importantly, the origin of Magneto. Fans have lapped up the new movie continuity, effectively giving director Matthew Vaughn free reign to play with the biggest team in comics. It’s not perfect, squandering its political time frame and playing it a little safe, but it is unmissable entertainment.

First Class

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Comic Review: Moon #1

Over at The Void, I've posted up my review of Moon #1, which is a pretty awesome new comic:

For too long we have been deprived of a comic starring a Moon-headed adventurer, and now finally Dan Thompson and Steve Penfold are here with a brand spanking new creator owned series to satiate our desire.

A summoning of the great Moon spirit goes slightly wrong, and London is granted the presence of Moon, a tall skinny guy who fights crime and has no mouth. But he does enjoy a mean coke float. It’s a very promising start from the UK’s newest independent comics company, with a great cast of characters and a strangely endearing silent hero.

by Dan Thompson and Steve Penfold

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Exclusive Interview with Warm Bodies Author Isaac Marion

Over at The Void, I published my exclusive interview with Isaac Marion, the author of Warm Bodies. Who is a very nice dude indeed!

We talk exclusively to author Isaac Marion about Warm Bodies: the book, the movie, and the attraction of flesh eating zombies.

Warm Bodies is a film with a lot of buzz: a Sundance Award winning director in Jonathan Levine who last handled coming of age drama The Wackness, and previously tackled horror with All The Boys Love Mandy Lane; a rather dashing Nicholas Hoult signed on to play the slightly decomposing and verbally challenged lead; and Teresa Palmer currently in talks to star as the girl who steals his decaying heart.

Details about the script have been thin on the ground but the fun loving début author was happy to share what he knows when we chatted with him about how the tricky concepts of his book would translate to screen. “I’ve had an amazing amount of input so far.”

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Isaac reckoned it was the best interview he'd had. Shucks.


Preacher 101 – DJ Caruso Approves!

Over at The Void, I have a piece on Preacher which gives a brief overview of the history of the troubled film adaptation, and a character guide to the main weirdos within the terrific comic series:

A sex-filled, gore-spattered, God-hating road trip story of fabulous filth and depravity, Preacher introduced me to comics with style. I’ve never looked back.

One of the greatest series of the 90s, various adaptations of Preacher have been undeservedly rotting in development hell for years. HBO bailed on a television series, Sam Mendes jumped ship for James Bond, and even Darren Aronofsky expressed an interest that turned into a dead end.

Now D.J. Caruso (Disturbia) has been announced as director, teasing somewhat bizarre casting choices, and the splatterpunk western odyssey may finally get the screentime it deserves. But long known as the Unadaptable Series, what is it about this fantastic comic that made it too controversial to handle? Um, have you read the comics?


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DJ Caruso tweeted me to say: "Love this piece. Franco , Fassbender, Lively, Clint. Shia my favs."


Daredevil 101

Over at The Void, I have a piece on Daredevil that gives a brief history of the character along with an exploration of some of the comics that might influence the upcoming film:

A new Daredevil is on his way, eight years after his last outing met mixed reviews.  Speculation is rife: which comic will inspire the new film? The main contender is Frank Miller’s Born Again – gritty and dark, a noir tale of madness and redemption.

For those of you who only know of Daredevil through the last movie rather than the comics (how dare you), here’s a Daredevil 101.


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This one got a really nice reception, so I'm fairly chuffed!