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Clive Barker Raises Hell

Over at The Void, I wrote a little piece about the new Hellraiser comics which I'm more than a little excited about:

This month sees the triumphant return of Clive Barker to comics, as the first issue of a new 8 part Hellraiser miniseries hits the shelves.

In the opening pages, the reader is directed towards a prison building, a wordless mumbling from within the only sound to be heard. A priest reading the last rites; a doomed man strapped to the electric chair. But his hands are loose, and within them lies a familiar puzzle box. Page 2 ends with a “click”.

Hellraiser #1 Cover

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I was already loving Comic Heroes, the new magazine produced by SFX that seems to come out quarterly and has a whole host of awesome comics features, but a sneak preview of Hellraiser? Hell yeah! There was also a sneak peak at The Homeland Directive by Robert Venditti and Mike Huddleston which looks interesting indeed.


Kapow! Millar Time

Over at The Void, I have a piece on Mark Millar and his upcoming Scottish movie Miracle Park, and his new Kapow! Comic Con:

There’s a fight going down in comic land, as London hosts the battle of the Comic Cons. But with the older, more established London MCM Expo drawing an audience of over 45,000, and Kapow! Comic Con, the new kid on the block, fitting only 3000, why are the big boys so worried?

The answer lies with who is running the young competitor: Mark Millar, creator of Kick-Ass, master of hype. By attacking the larger convention and loudly announcing that Kapow! will offer everything London MCM Expo never has (erm, not really true), he has garnered huge interest in his event and encouraged the opposition to up their game, snagging the upcoming Green Lantern movie as their official sponsor. For the comic fan, it’s a win-win situation.

Mark Millar at Glasgow Film Festival

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Millar appeared at the Glasgow Film Festival and I attended the creative workshop that he ran, as well as seeing Dave Gibbons give a talk on his work. Sadly I missed seeing Frank Quitely due to a nasty bug, but my lovely cousin got my copy of We3 signed for me all the same!