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Vector: Sequentials #4 – Political SF Comics

Originally published in (the BSFA's critical journal) Vector #280 last year, my regular column turned the spotlight on the political side of sci-fi which is a subject that really deserves its own full length book!

Still, even in this short space I delve into the history of SF comics - from Buck Rogers to Judgement Day, through Dan Dare and 2000 AD, peering past Le Transperceneige and Transmetropolitan, before heading on to Bitch Planet and Letter 44, and arriving at our final destination, Zero.

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Transmetropolitan by Darick Robertson

Transmetropolitan by Warren Ellis, Darick Robertson, Rodney Ramos and Nathan Eyring


Vector: Sequentials #3 – 2014 in SF Comics

As I sit down to right my Best of 2015 for Vector, it occurs to me that I am way overdue publishing older columns here for all to see. So far behind in fact that next in the queue is the Best of 2014! Ah well, better late than never.

Originally published in issue 279 of the BSFA's critical journal back in early 2015, this column features Letter 44, Annihilator, Alex + Ada, Trillium, The Woods, and Ms Marvel. It's interesting to note that of those that continued, some are no longer my favourites but for the period of publication referenced this column holds true!

Ms Marvel cover by Jamie McKelvie

Ms Marvel #5 cover by Jamie McKelvie


Vector: Sequentials #2 – The Beauty of Webcomics

Originally published in issue 278 of the British Science Fiction Association's critical journal, Vector, earlier this year, my second column offers a crash course in science fiction webcomics.

Featuring FreakAngels, Gunnerkrigg Court, Ava's DemonThunderpaw: In the Ashes of Fire Mountain, Destructor, Titan, Terra, Dicebox, and I Was Kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space, hit the jump for the full article!




Vector: Sequentials #1 – Women and SF Comics

As promised, the first instalment proper of my new column for the British Science Fiction Association's critical journal, Vector. Coverage of the world of SF literature can be a tad bloke heavy, and comics are no exception.

Time then to delve into the truly groundbreaking work from SF comic creators that just happen to be female: Starstruck, A Distant Soil, and Finder; and their modern successors Saga, Decrypting Rita, and Grindhouse.

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Vector: 2013 in Comics

Earlier this year I was thrilled to be invited to contribute a regular column to Vector, the critical journal of the British Science Fiction Association. My column, Sequentials, is the first time the journal has covered comics and I'm really excited to be a part of that. 

Before my column kicked off proper, the year began with a Best of 2013 issue, so what better way to introduce comics to the Vector readership!

Below then is my look back at the best science fiction comics that 2013 had to offer, with a particular focus on four important comics: Ballistic by Adam Egypt Mortimer and Darick Robertson from Black Mask Studios; The Wake by Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy from Vertigo; The Private Eye by Brian K Vaughan, Marcos Martin and Muntsa Vicente from Panel Syndicate; and Raygun Roads by Owen Michael Johnson and Indio from Changeling Studios.

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The Private Eye