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The Independent on Sunday: Review of Gun Machine by Warren Ellis

First piece of the New Year to be published, a wee review of the fantastic Gun Machine for The Independent on Sunday.

Gun Machine is out now and I heartily recommend it, even to non-crime fans.

Full review here: IoS book review: Gun Machine, By Warren Ellis

Gun Machine

Stay tuned for some upcoming big pieces! (Far too many, pass the caffeine...)


Comic Review: SVK by Warren Ellis, D’Israeli and Berg

SVK is an experimental comic book, a graphic novella from the mind of Warren Ellis, pen of D'Israeli, and innovation of BERG, a design and invention group. Any one of those credentials is enough to make it a runaway success, but a first run sell out of 3500 copies within 48 hours is remarkable.

With shades of Transmetropolitan, Fell, and even Crooked Little Vein, Ellis has crafted a futuristic tale of detection, surveillance and terrorism, all through the eyes of a recovery agent, a finder of lost things. Thomas Woodwind may live in the future, but it is a tomorrow that seems very familiar indeed, with predatory CCTV cameras stalking the country and phone hacking scandals revealing our private thoughts to grubby investigators.

SVK: a layered story