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Women in Comics: A Reading List

One of the questions that most often crops up in my e-mail inbox is, "so what comics created by women do you know of?", followed shortly by, "where can I find a list of all the comics created by women?". The internet, being the vast procrastination device that is, has plenty of such lists but none of them really seem to cover everything

Undoubtedly this is because to attempt such a list would be madness. Fortunately, that means it's right up my street...

Behold, an always in progress browsable list of comics and graphic novels, strip compilations and webcomics, all written and/or drawn by the many talented women in comics.

Please add missing books (or corrections) to the comments and I'll add them at regular intervals. Cover artists do count but I'm unsure how to categorize them...

Many thanks to Lee Grice at Small Press Big Mouth for his contributions!

Women in Comics: A Reading List