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Women in Comics: Wonder Woman and the Attack of the Code

In the early 40s, a character named Suprema was poised to make her comics début. She was to be unconventional and liberated, strong and forceful. A powerful woman. Comics and comic strips had never seen the like before, nor that of her overweight man-chasing sidekick.

After a quick name change, Wonder Woman was here, and for six glorious years she led young girls astray, promising them that strength and confidence meant they could achieve anything. Unfortunately, this still wasn't true: the number of women behind comics dwindled post-war and into the 50s. And Wonder Woman herself was soon told to sit down like a good girl and stop all her silly progressive nonsense.

art by Harry G. Peter


Women in Comics: An Overview

"Wait... YOU read these comics?!" The idea of a woman being a comic book geek can be quite the shock to the system apparently; that was a genuine outburst I triggered just the other week when I was giving advice on which comics were best for zombie fans.

Originally I found this regular surprise and puzzlement rather bemusing. Why would women not be interested in comics? The answer soon became clear.

Power Girl & Catwoman


Wonder Woman: The Great Costume Swindle?

When the costume for televisions newest incarnation of Wonder Woman hit the internet, the fans were outraged. The outfit was cheap, shiny, incorrect and disrespectful. Two weeks later some on set pictures have leaked that show the Wonder Woman costume has been changed.

Sure, the new costume is an improvement, but had we been shown this costume first would we still be so forgiving? Or have producers pulled the oldest trick in the book - showing us something outrageously bad so that we'll happily accept something moderately better?

Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman: Why the Costume Matters

Nothing can stir up quite so much trouble as a Superhero costume. Wonder Woman is back in the spotlight, with David E. Kelley's latest adaptation seeing fit to clad the usually fierce Adrianne Palicki in what appears to be very shiny latex.

Ex-Wonder Woman Lynda Carter has backed the new look, but within hours of it hitting the internet fans were rushing to post their own versions of what the costume should look like. Which, generally, isn't such a good sign. Why such the huge reaction to a costume? And is it really a Big Deal?

Wonder Woman Costume