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Review: Young Avengers #6 aka the Kate Brown Issue!

It’s not often that a superhero comic gives me chills, particularly when we’re talking villains, but then it’s not often you that see a superhero comic from someone like Kate Brown.

Confession: Kate Brown is one of my favourite comic creators. In my other life as a bookseller the most common comics related question I get is, “what graphic novel should I read if I’ve never read comics before?”, and my answer is always this: “Fish + Chocolate by Kate Brown”. (and Karrie Fransman’s The House that Groaned and Hannah Berry’s Adamtine – my unholy trinity now joined by Mary Talbot!)

Brown’s art and storytelling skills are phenomenal, and it doesn’t hurt that in person she is cooler than a whole bag of cucumbers.

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The Beat: Review of Young Avengers #1 by Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie and Mike Norton

A little review that I was compelled to write through sheer joy is now up at The Beat. Young Avengers #1 ladies and gentlemen, complete with female gaze(!!), Kid Loki being mischievous, Billy and Teddy being adorable, Miss America Chavez being kickass, Noh-Varr being delicious, and Kate fucking Bishop being amazing as always.

Young Avengers #1

Comics have their own rhythm and their own page beats, but some are a more exhilarating ride than others. Young Avengers #1 is seven pages in before it lists the credits – not that I’ve noticed after being ripped from my reality and transplanted in theirs – complete with the song title that a character starts dancing to on page three. The Ronettes are suddenly blasting in my mind, replaying the previous cute Kate Bishop and Noh-Varr interaction and hyperkinetic action sequence with that drum beat and hip swinging harmonies.

It’s humming away in the background as I read through dramatic scenes and emotional smooching between Billy and Teddy (be my, be my baby), looping around again as fan-favourite Kid Loki appears (ohsince the day I saw you, I have been waiting for you) and the frankly awesome Miss America bursts on to the scene (you know I will adore you ’til eternity). And finally, completely disarming me moments before the shock ending (whoah oh oh wtf).

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